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Elevate Your Offering with Data Fabric

NetApp Data Fabric unites your customer’s on-premises environments with those residing on your infrastructure. So you can provide them with an integrated system, woven through the clouds, that wraps their storage together into a single, more manageable entity.

Why? Because your customers are demanding data flexibility and mobility. To stay competitive, they need to move data where they need it, when they need it, no questions asked or issues encountered.

Data Fabric makes it possible, while making your business stronger in the process.

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The era of hybrid cloud means all new challenges. Find out what your customers are facing, how service providers can help, and how Data Fabric makes it possible.

Solution Brief

Find out how Data Fabric benefits your customers—and builds your business.


Executive Overview

Why Data Fabric is the answer to your customers’ development and data control woes.


Benefits For You

  • Move data freely between clouds and customer environments
  • Create a consistent storage management operating system that transcends clouds, data centers, and platforms
  • Enable secure, virtualized multi-tenancy with easy scalability

Benefits For Customers

  • Easily shift data between environments to meet business demands and seize opportunities
  • Quickly add, change, and remove cloud services—and integrate data seamlessly between them
  • Leverage lightning-fast performance, always-on availability, and enhanced security


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